Our company traces its roots back into the 1980’s when the owner of our company at a very young age joined an international pen pal club. Her pen pal was located in Japan, and in their letters the Japanese pen pal used exceptionally beautiful stationery and stickers. Since those early childhood days, beautiful and unique stationery has been a part of her life.

For years the Kawaii-est Little Stationery Store was a sub-set of Ohio Kimono, and as of 2019 is now it’s own unique business and booth.

Where We Get Our Stationery

Small Artists – With A Focus On Minority and PoC

We hand pick the artists who we invite to join our stationery line up. Not only does their stationery and art need to be beautiful, but we also want to select an artist who is a poc or a minority. We believe in using our business to help up-lift others.

Name Brands – Japanese, Korean, and Chinese

We only offer authentic and legit name brand products, and have contracts with companies such as SanX. We want our customers to shop with us in full confidence knowing that when they purchase a name brand product from our stationery store, that it is authentic and not from the bootleg market.

Are you an artist who would like to join our line up? Contact us!

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